Sunday, October 7, 2012

2012 Pascha visit to Mount Royal Monastery

On Easter 2012 the remaining active members of the Mission visited Our Lady of the Dormition of Mount Royal in Florida. The Paschal Divine Liturgy according to the Western Rite (Mount Royal usage) was celebrated at the historic St. Margaret's Church (dedicated to St. Margaret of Antioch) on Fleming Island in Hibernia, FL.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Worship

The Shorter Saint Colman Prayer Book, and the Saint Colman Prayer Book, are the primary liturgical books in use at Saint Brendan Orthodox Monastery Mission. PDF file at the link for the Shorter Saint Colman Prayer Book.

People of Saint Brendan's

Saint Brendan Monastery Mission Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Mount Royal

Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Mount Royal Monastery (ROCA), Easter Triduum 2011.

Dom Augustine (Whitfield)

Memory Eternal.

Easter Triduum 2010 - Saint Brendan Mission

Abbot David of Our Lady of Mount Royal at Easter Triduum 2010, Saint Brendan Monastery Mission, Lynn Haven, FL. Altar Server Ari Adams. Also pictured - Deputy Joseph McQuillan, RIP.

Paschal Triduum 2009 - Saint Brendan

Dom David and Brother George of Holyrood House at the Sarum liturgy, Saint Brendan Monastery Mission, Pascha 2009.

England Pilgrimage 2010

English Rite Orthodox Liturgy at St. Magnus Martyr - London, England November 6th, 2010.

Fr. Hieromonk Michael (Wood) of Saint Petroc Monastery, Cascades TAS assisted by Ari Adams of Saint Brendan Monastery Mission, Lynn Haven, FL.

The Servant of God Joseph

Pray for the servant of God, Joseph, departed this life in the hope of the Resurrection. Faithful father, pious Orthodox Christian and member of Saint Brendan Monastery Mission, beloved and respected Peace Officer in Walton County, Florida, native son of Mobile, Alabama.

Picture above is of Abbot David of Our Lady of Mount Royal at the graveside service.

History of the Mission

The seeds of Saint Brendan Monastery Mission began with a small group of Orthodox Christians in Tulsa, Oklahoma who were seeking to form a Sarum rite Western Orthodox mission with ROCOR in 2004. When the core of the group moved to another diocese in 2005, an Orthodox Study Society was set up in Lynn Haven, FL under the patronage of Saint Petroc Monastery (Hieromonk Michael (Wood), and in contact with Holyrood House (Dom David (Pierce)which was in the process of seeking reception to ROCOR under the direction of Dom Augustine (Whitfield) of blessed memory, at the Chapel of the Holy Virgin, Dormition of Our Lady of Mount Royal Monastery in Jacksonville, FL.

Weekly Mattins and Vespers began in Lynn Haven, FL in July 2005 using the Saint Colman Prayer Book - containing the Sarum Liturgy in English, and the Day Office of Sarum in English. In 2007 a member of the Society participated in the St. Eanswythe Pilgrimage in Folkestone Kent and retreat at Capel-Le-Ferne led by Fr. Hiermonk Michael of Saint Petroc Monastery. In 2008 the Society was reorganized as a Monastery Mission with the elevation of Metropolitan Hilarion of New York City as First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. In 2009 Saint Brendan held their first Paschal Triduum services according to the Sarum Rite at a borrowed Anglican Catholic parish. Dom David (Pierce) of Holyrood House, having been formally received into ROCOR in the previous year, was the celebrant - along with Brother George assisting at the altar, and Ari Adams chanting. We had guests from the Antiochians and Anglican Catholics. Later in the year, the convener of Saint Brendan met with Metropolitan Hilarion at a Pastoral Conference in Atlanta, GA to begin discussions towards ordination.

In 2010 Dom David (Pierce) was elevated to Abbot of Our Lady of Mount Royal - the oldest Western Rite Orthodox monastery - at the retirement of Abbot Augustine. Metropolitan Hilarion in response to a question of whether the community was in the Eastern Archdiocese advised our community on March 28th, 2010 that we were directly under the Metropolitan. The 2010 Paschal Triduum was again served by Abbot David at a borrowed Anglican Catholic parish in Panama City, FL, with Ari Adams assisting with chant and in the altar. We had guests from the OCA and the Anglican Catholics, as well at Saint Brendan's seven Orthodox members, one catechumen, and two inquirers. Deputy Joseph McQuillan of Walton County Sheriff's Office was chrismated on Holy Saturday. Saint Brendan's later sent two candidates to an Ordination Conference at Holy Cross Monastery in Wayne, WV at the Metropolitan's direction. In July Dom Augustine Whitfield reposed, followed in September by the servant of God Joseph McQuillan of Saint Brendan's Monastery Mission. Graveside services were said by Abbot David of Mount Royal at Whistler Cemetery in Alabama. In October, at the Metropolitan's suggestion, the convener flew to the UK to visit the ROCOR WRITE English Mission and was made an altar server while assisting at liturgies in Devon, Dorset, and in London.

In 2011 the members of the Mission traveled for the Paschal Triduum at Our Lady of Mount Royal Monastery in Jacksonville, FL. A visit was also made to Dom Augustine (Whitfield's) grave, and to St. Photios National Shrine in St. Augustine, FL.

In 2012, members of the Mission will be traveling to Our Lady of Mount Royal Monastery for Christmas services.